CMCV Runner control LOCK OUT kit 2018 + Mustang GT


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We recommend these when installing a  2018+ Intake Manifold on your 2011-2017 Ford Mustang GT.

If you have a 2011-2014 you HAVE to run a lock out setup like these to make the intake function.

If you have a 2015-2017 you can either purchase our lockout kit, or you can purchase some pigtails, and wire the IMRC in.   We still prefer to tune with the lockouts INSTALLED!   

With this kit installed you get to delete all of the extra associated sensors, vacuum lines, and actuators.  

Install couldnt be easier! Use these on your 18+ engine swap to simplify things.

Forced Induction applications should ALWAYS use these lockouts.  Why?  They will stabilize air velocity at all RPM levels making for easier tuning and MORE HORSE POWER!
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Sold in Sets of 2 with Free Shipping!

These PATENT PENDING Billet aluminum lockouts position and lock the IMRC (intake manifold runner control) in the full open position. Perfect for Supercharged and Turbo charged 2018 Mustang GT applications or transplant applications . This kit deletes all of the bulky actuators, sensors and vacuum lines for a cleaner look and lighter weight. Easy Install. Great also for manifold transplants and engine swaps where control of the CMCV is not needed or not possible. 

This product is suggested for ALL forced induction applications! Forced induction applications do not require intake runner velocity because your supercharger or turbocharger creates its own velocity at ALL rpm levels. Adding the MMR lockouts in these applications will create stable and increased HP.

PATENT PENDING # 62/647,314 
Model: 478911
Manufactured by: MMR