About us

American Outlaw Designs is a small business based out of Greenwood, IN dedicated to flawless custom carbon fiber and vinyl work.  We always work to keep our customers happy and make sure that they always want to come back to us when the time comes.  We use the highest quality carbon fiber fabric and resin to ensure the best finish possible on your custom-made parts.  The vinyl we use has the highest outdoor rating in the market. Along with vinyl work AOD expanded throughout the years to also provide aftermarket parts at competitive prices. 


At American Outlaw Designs we are always looking to be the best we can be and strive to use the best of the best.  The owner Austin has always had a passion for custom car pieces.  Growing up around fast cars he always wanted to go faster, no matter what he was behind the wheel of. The modding obsession started with a 2012 v6 Ford Mustang.  Hanging around at car meets every weekend fueled the fire in him to build his car and start adding modifications.  His growing obsession for custom cars grew into customizing anything he could get his hands on. Having a creative mindset and the drive to work for himself, hatched the idea of American Outlaw Designs.